Media Research Center is Promoting Birther Website World Net Daily!!!!

A bombshell has been revealed exposing the Media Research Center (MRC) for the discredited organization that it is. The bombshell is pretty much something that's existed for two and a half years but I don't think anyone has noticed it.

While visiting MRC's website, I hovered my mouse over the resource section,

then clicked on "links", and it came up with this......

WHAT IS THAT?!?!? That looks likes a link to the birther central website WorldNetDaily. As a matter of fact it is.

"The MRC offers the following links as an additional resource for information on various organizations which help expose or counter liberal media bias in the mainstream press."

MRC recommends WorldNetDaily? Its bad enough they recommend the other kook conspiracy organization Accuracy in Media.

Just in case MRC panics and revises their website here's the earliest capture from the Internet Archive.

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