Brent Bozell: Obama Looks like a "A Skinny, Ghetto Crackhead"

Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center appeared on Hannity to discuss the Liberal "Media Mash".

In responding to Chris Mathews comments that Newt Gingrich "looked like a car bomber", Bozell asked what would happen if Sean Hannity said Obama looked like a "A Skinny, Ghetto Crackhead".

He then quickly added that: "which by the way you might want to say that Barack Obama does" "everybody on the left would come foreword and demand he'd be fired"

Well... good thing you don't have a job as a news anchor Brent because I think you would.


Unless you work at Fox News with their tolerance policy for racially offensive and racist statements.


Fox News Graphics FAIL Alert- Lists Romney Twice in Poll

I was watching Fox and Friends and they had Larry Sabato UVA Political Science professor discussing Ron Paul's successful polling.
It was between 7:40 a.m - 7:50 a.m CT today when they showed a graphics poll. Romney's name was listed twice in place of what I think was suppose to be Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich's name. The graphics poll was only on the screen for two seconds, so Fox must have realized the error.

This isn't their first similar graphics fail.
I don't have the screen shot or video for this but once I obtain it I'll show it.

UPDATED 1/7/12
Someone got it.


Media Research Center: Forget Facts on Welfare Recipients and Drugs Use

The mindset of the Media Research Center (MRC) and its affiliate CNS News seem to be that it's better to believe something and never look at facts than it is to actually know the facts. They demonstrated that again by posting a Youtube video titled "Dem Lawmaker Questions Drug Tests For Unemployment". In the video, Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) questioned if the lawmakers who created the drug testing provision of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011, read the Constitution. The point the video tries to make is that the congresswomen supposedly said something outrageous. Outrageous as in what? Was something she said factually incorrect or out of touch? Only in the MRC and CNS wing of the conservative movement would you think such criticism of the program is just a bunch of liberal hocus pocus and gibberish. I wonder if they missed  Fox News' Megyn Kelly already debunked the right wing claim.


This is the hallmark of the crack pot way of conservative thinking. When you are a self described fiscal conservative, what does that mean? Do you use evidence based economics or what a lot on the right wing call "common sense"? When I say "common sense" I don't mean that if most scientists say the earth revolves around the sun, that's probably the science. The kind of common sense I'm referring to is put out by someone who would say "I'm not a scientist, but I see the sun around revolve around the Earth everyday." In the case of the MRC and CNS News, that's how they think on every issue. They act as if its a religious duty to  propagate (not prove) why their version of conservatism works.The propagate instead of prove because as I pointed out in a previous post, MRC is about bias and not accuracy. That is their fundamental difference between their progressive counterpart Media Matters for America. Demagoguery is one of their core principles. They demagog anyone they think is in on the "liberal media" conspiracy and attack anyone who goes after their fellow conservatives. Even if it's simply factually correcting a right wing claim they scream LIBERAL MEDIA! If your not with their team all the way, your against them


Lew Rockwell has Been Banned from the American Intelligence Report

Lew Rockwell
I frequently follow Lew Rockwell the American libertarian, political commentator, activist, and chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. I previously linked on my blog his radio show podcast and website (LewRockwell.com). Last month, I decided to remove both his radio show and website from my blog. I came to that decision after he did a radio show promoting and endorsing harmful pseudo-scientific medical myths.
From that show's web page:
"Then, there are the harmful elements pushed upon us by the State,which we should not be getting at all, like fluoride which causes brain disorders, vaccines which cause autism and statins which inhibit healthy cells. Dr. Miller keeps close watch on government-enslaved doctors and the lying propaganda of the pill-pushers." [10/26/11 LewRockwell.com]
The American Dental and Hygiene Association has rebuked these claims about fluoride. Also vaccines DO NOT cause autism. Why that myth won't die.

After looking into what other controversial things Rockwell is into and linked to, I found other non-economics related reasons to distance myself from what could be seen by some as an endorsement of his beliefs. The reason I had his website listed and linked was for another libertarian viewpoint in my blogroll section. Unfortunately he's gone too far that it should concern libertarians as to where libertarianism will go as a movement with the influence Lew Rockwell has.

Things that should raise an eyebrow are what his columnists put on his website with his oversight. Gary North, a regular columnist for the website and a Christian Re-constructionist, has regularly been advancing 9/11 conspiracy theories whenever the 911 topic comes up. 

From Gary North:
This was posted on August 30 on one of my GaryNorth.com site's forums regarding the pancake-like collapse of all three World Trade Center buildings on 9-11:
"All three are clearly controlled demos. Everyone that views it knows it."
I cannot imagine a more inaccurate statement. Hardly anyone who views them knows "it." Almost every adult American has seen the videos of the collapse of the North & South towers. On September 11, 2001, the videos were shown over and over on the networks, all day long.
Only a handful of experts have ever publicly argued that the cause of the bildings' collapse was a system of controlled demolition. Anyone who dares to mention the pancake collapse of the third tower is rejected derisively as a conspiracy theorist. 
I have faced this all of my adult life. I started out in 1958 with a high school term paper on whether Roosevelt knew an attack on Pearl Harbor was coming. I concluded that he knew an attack somewhere in the Pacific was coming. I have not changed my mind. In 1972, when I was awarded my Ph.D. in American history, as far as I knew, I was the only historian age 30 or younger with a Ph.D. in history who believed this. Even today, I am one of maybe a dozen men with a Ph.D in American history who believe this and say so in public. [9/1/11 LewRockwell.com]
Another columnist and truther for the website is Paul Craig Roberts co-founder of Reaganomics.
The 9/11 Truth movement was not created by bloggers ranting on their web sites. It was created by professional architects and engineers some of whom are known for having designed steel high rise buildings. It was created by distinguished scientists, such as University of Copenhagen nano-Chemist Niels Harrit who has 60 scientific papers to his credit and physicist Steven Jones. It was created by US Air Force pilots and commercial airline pilots who are expert at flying airplanes. It was created by firefighters who were in the twin towers and who personally heard and experienced numerous explosions including explosions in the sub-basements. It was created by members of 9/11 families who desire to know how such an improbable event as 9/11 could possibly occur. [9/14/11 LewRockwell.com]
Roberts has also gave an endorsement of the 911 conspiracy book Debunking 9/11 Debunking  in his column on a racist website called VDARE. He has also appeared on a white supremacist radio show.

In an investigation of 2012 Presidential candidate Ron Paul's Racist Newsletter controversy by the libertarian Reason Magazine, Reason pointed to Lew Rockwell as the chief ghost writer of Paul's newsletter. Rockwell himself denied responsibility for the newsletters' contents and characterized discussion of the newsletters as "hysterical smears aimed at political enemies" of The New Republic which broke the story. So Lew Rockwell may be the source of Ron Paul's political troubles. That doesn't fare well with me on Rockwell, nor should it for anyone else who supports Ron Paul.

For these reasons, I do not list or recommend  Lew Rockwell's website for libertarian viewpoints. I still list and recommend the Ludwig von Mises Institute on libertarian economics which Rockwell is the chairman of. I'd urge Lew Rockwell and the columnists to just stick to economics and limited government. You know?....the whole libertarian thing. I can't recommend him as a columnist or his website if conspiratorial thinking is always pushed.

I myself have not gone into great enough detail into what libertarian economic policies I support and those don't. Many of them I'm deeply opposed to and support the progressive alternative. I'll discuss particular policies in future blog posts.


Bill O'Reilly Lies about Ellen Barkin

I'm not going to waste to much time on this, so I'm going to try to keep it short.

Ellen Barkin in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Barkin criticized Fox News for what it is saying:
"The blatant lying that passes itself off as journalism. I don't even need to get there to go mental. Can you imagine a legitimate newsperson -- Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw -- just lying on the news?"
Off course Fox News wouldn't have that, so Bill O'Reilly went on the attack. Of course, he lies while doing it.

He called her criticism a "flat out lie" "I have never mentioned Ellen Barkin on this broadcast - ever. And I would never call her names."

One problem, Ellen Barkin did NOT say Bill O'Reilly said anything about her on his broadcast.

Watch the interview snippet November 14, 2011-

All she said was that she was "on Bill O'Reilly's radar". What did she mean by that?

Most likely she was referring to O'Reilly's November 8, 2011 Daily Brief on his website. He mentioned her and called her Johnny Handsome II. Johnny Handsome is a deformed gangster from the 1989 movie- Johnny Handsome.

 From Bill O'Reilly's November 8, 2011 Daily Brief:
Ellen Barkin Attacks Fox News, Calls Its Correspondents Liars
Ellen Barkin lashes out at Fox News in a recent interview, accusing the network of "blatant lying." The outspoken Barkin has a reputation for candor, whether in person or on her Twitter account, and her take on the News Corp. entity is no exception. She tells the Los Angeles Times magazine, "Well, we’re experiencing divisiveness in terms of our politics. Like, the Religious Right has identified themselves because of the propagandizing and illiteracy of...I don’t know...News Corp, maybe? "They have identified themselves with this extremist, right-wing insurgency of a party—this Tea Party. They call it a grassroots movement. Grassroots? You’re attached to the wrong ship. And that just shows you the enormous—and don’t misquote me here!—the enormous success that has killed us in terms of Fox News." Barkin then attacks the channel for lacking journalistic integrity, "The blatant lying that passes itself off as journalism. I don’t even need to get there to go mental. Can you imagine a legitimate newsperson -- Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw -- just lying on the news? Let alone the entertainment factor -- you know, news as entertainment." (Hollywood Reporter)

In other news: Ellen Barkin is still alive! Ellen Barkin is still alive! There can now be a Johnny Handsome II! [November 8, 2011 Daily Brief]



Hannity Hosts Birther Billboard Man Joseph Farah to Discuus Herman Cain

Sean Hannity actually gave air time to Herman Cain's boss WorldNetDaily (WND) founder Joseph Farah on his Fox News show.  They discussed whether the allegations against GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain are valid "from a journalistic perspective. Hannity should already know that WorldNetDaily is the "news" website responsible for propagating birtherism and all the "Where's the Birth Certificate?" billboards. These billboards are part of a campaign  by WND to keep the issue alive.

According to WorldNetDaily there are more than 90 billboards nationwide. They even took to the air during the Republican presidential debate

I wrote about a piece Joseph Farah did in which he drew a conspiracy involving gays, Muslim, and marriage. It's almost to funny to believe he said it.