Herman Cain Writes for Birther Website World Net Daily

Forget this sex scandal. Presidential candidate Herman Cain became an irrelevant and illegitimate candidate when he announced his candidacy. For two years ago, he's been writing for the birther central website World Net Daily. I've mentioned this a couple times in my past blog posts 1 2, but it deserves it's own blog post. What makes me especially mad is that no one in the media is talking about it. Doing a google search, I could find a mention on Yahoo News, Mother Jones, and Salon. This should be on major headlines. If it made major headlines that the John Birch Society cosponsored CPAC 2009 and 2010 , it would probably make greater headlines if a John Birch Society member was running for president. But in this case and a man who writes for World Net Daily is running for president.

Here's a video I put on Youtube to bring attention to this.

For those of you not familiar with World Net Daily, here's an example of what else they spew besides birtherism.

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