Michele Bachmann Endorsed Birther Website WorldNetDaily

Lunatics are taking over the asylum. Now they are taking over the Republican Party. At the 2010 CPAC convention, Michele Bachmann gave a speech and said something that may come back to bite her in the 2012 presidential election. 

During her speech, Bachmann challenged her audience to convert  liberals into "Pat Buchanan, WorldNetDaily-reading conservatives"


Modeling yourself under Pat Buchann is one thing. Being a WorldNetDaily reader is quite another. What do you read on WorldNetDaily? Well most notably it's the most notorious promoter of Obama birth certificate conspiracy theories. What's also promoted is gays are less than human, Obama is a Muslim, Obama is building interment camps, and just visiting their home page feels like your reading a far right wing version of the National Enquirer. 

WorldNetDaily is not too fringe even for the mainstream Republican Party. In fact, the RNC has reached out to their readers paying WND for their email list.

Is this what GOP is running their party on? It seems they have no choice.

Republicans lean towards that Obama is trying to impose Shariah Law.

From the Huffington Post
A full 14 percent of Republicans said that it was "definitely true" that Obama sympathized with the fundamentalists and wanted to impose Islamic law across the globe. An additional 38 percent said that it was probably true -- bringing the total percentage of believers to 52 percent. Only 33 percent of Republicans said that the "allegation" (as Newsweek put it) was "probably not true." Seven percent said it was "definitely not true." The rest (eight percent) either didn't know the answer or didn't read the question. [Huffington Post 8/30/10]

 A large portion of a Fox News Focus Group believed Obama was a Muslim.

Birthers made up a majority of GOP primary voters in February 2011 Poll

From U.S. News
According to PPP's survey, 51 percent of likely 2012 GOP primary voters believe that President Obama was born in another country (which would make him ineligible for the presidency). Another 21 percent say they are "not sure" if the president was born in the United States. Or to put it another way, 72 percent of the people who will be choosing the next Republican presidential nominee are either birthers or birther-curious.A mere 28 percent of the GOP primary electorate responded, correctly, that the president is a natural-born American citizen. [U.S. News 2/16/11]

Michele Bachmann has got a GOP contender with even closer ties to WND. Presidential candidate Herman Cain is a frequent commentator of WND. That might explain his paranoia about Shariah Law in America.

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