Just Say NO to Mitt Romney For President

There isn't much honesty, principle, or even sanity within the GOP 2012 field. With the exception of Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and John Huntsman . One candidate GOP voters better make sure makes it no where near the White House is former governor Mitt Romney. Romney has got the hair, money, experience, and is in the the top four most supported GOP candidates among Republicans. But what exactly does this man have to bring upon our country? Much of it should be brought attention to and the rest is unclear giving Romney's flip flopping. Factors affecting him are of course the health care program in Massachusetts and President Obama's federal plan, abortion, gun control, immigration, gay rights, and yes... his Mormonism.

From The Fact Checker
  • Abortion "I will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose."
    — Mitt Romney, Massachusetts Governor election debate
    (Video), October 29, 2002 "Every action I have taken as governor of Massachusetts has been pro-life." — Mitt Romney, Republican Debate (Video), August 5, 2007
    • Romney's embarrassing record on abortion.
  • Gay Rights- In a 1994 letter to the Log Cabin Republicans, who advocate gay rights, Romney said he was in favor of "gays and lesbians being able to serve openly and honestly" in the military. He now says it would be a mistake to interfere with the "don't ask, don't tell policy."
  • Gun Control- Campaigning for the Senate in 1994, Romney said he favored strong gun laws and did not "line up with the NRA." He signed up for "lifetime membership" of the NRA in August 2006 while pondering a presidential run, praising the group for "doing good things" and "supporting the right to bear arms."
  • Campaign Finance- In 1994, Romney advocated a spending limit on congressional elections and abolition of political action committees. In 2002, he supported public financing of campaigns from a 10 percent tax on private fund-raising. In 2008, he attacked the McCain-Feingold law limiting campaign contributions as an attack on free speech.
  • Immigration- In a November 2005 interview with the Boston Globe, he described immigration reform proposal advanced by McCain as "reasonable." He now denounces it as an "amnesty plan." In December 2006, he signed agreement authorizing state troopers to round up illegal immigrants.
What's the verdict on Romeny's honesty about his principles? Guilty, Romney doesn't say what he believes, he says what he has to in order to get elected.

The other factor that will affect his chances at getting the GOP nomination let alone the presidency is his Mormon faith. Our Constitution guarantees there shall be no religious test for someone running for public office. That's part of what makes our country great. However Romney will need to convince voters there is nothing to fear from his faith. Doing that will be easier said then done. This isn't simple like JFK assuring he  wouldn't be taking orders from the Vatican or the Pope. Kennedy as a Catholic believed the separation of church and state was absolute. It's harder for a Mormon to say that with a straight face.
Unlike the Pope, the president of the Mormon Church "The Prophet" Mormons believe is a genuine prophet of God. A person who speaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of a god is expressed. In other words, whatever the Prophet says God said GOD SAID.

If Romney believes this, how would he respond to a command from this prophet? Does he believe he would going against God by turning against what prophet says God said?

A poll conducted in 2006 by the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg found that 37% of registered voters said they would not vote for a Mormon for President. Mormonism is not the only faith to face challenges in elections. The poll also found that, 22% say they wouldn't support an evangelical Christian, 14% wouldn't support a Jew, 9% say no to a Catholic, and lastly 53% say they wouldn't vote for a Muslim.

  • Romney of course is not the first Mormon to run for president. Others include; Orrin Hatch (2000); Mo Udall (1976); his father, George Romney (1968), possibly John Hunstman, and the founder and prophet of Mormonism Joseph Smith in 1844.
  • Other religions have required believers to accept everything or nothing at all. Mormonism (like Islam, another faith founded in prophecy) another latter, binary religion.
  • In his failed run for senate against Edward Kennedy in 1994, he stated that he was not running "to be a spokesman for my church." Fifteen years ago Romney said that states should be free to decide whether to allow same-sex marriage, and he called Republicans "extremists" for seeking to "force their beliefs on others." Back then Romney sounded like a pro separation of church and state candidate. How would the LDS church respond to a LDS member in the oval office especially given their open political activism?

For more information on Mormonism watch the PBS documentary "The Mormons"
Also read Mormon History for yourself.

Romney has refused to classify water boarding as torture.
He currently has Bush's torture lawyers advising him.

From Politico:
Mitt Romney is mining the George W. Bush White House for legal talent to advise his presidential campaign — including a key person behind the controversial Justice Department memos authorizing waterboarding and other “enhanced interrogation techniques.”On Tuesday, Romney released a list of the 63 lawyers on his Justice Advisory Committee, designed to advise his presidential campaign on legal policy and in some cases provide legal counsel. Its most famous name: former Ronald Reagan Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, whose nomination was voted down by the Senate. Politico [8/2/11]
Does Romney believe he needs authorizing of Congress before taking us to war?
Answer: "Talk to your Attorneys"

I am not one to judge Romney on his faith. It will be up to him to be open and truthful about it. I oppose him simply because he's Bush with slick hair.

Also Romney will have to convince Americans he means what he says. Look how easy it is to deceive while in campaign mode.

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