Another WorldNetDaily Conspiracy Theory: This Time Between Muslims and Gays

Haj Amin al-Husseini (Islamic Fundamentalist) meeting with Adolf Hitler
The birther central website WorldNetDaily approved by presidential candidates Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain is at it again. This time their owner Joseph Farah has decoded a long-term conspiracy between Muslims and gays. He's figured out that American Muslims are supporting gay marriage as part of a broader agenda. The long-term goal is to then open the door to one of scariest tenets of Islamic Law........
I wish it was something satire or an Onion News piece, but it's coming from one of the most popular conservative websites.

From WorldNetDaily:
They recognize the promotion of this agenda in the U.S. actually serves the Islamist long-term agenda. They recognize that the success of this agenda promotes the weakening of the United States of America in multiple ways.Let's examine how.
There is little question the legal acceptance of same-sex marriage will open the door to the legalization of polygamy. It's inevitable. After all, if it is now "discriminatory," as we're told, to prohibit two men or two women from getting married, clearly it is "discriminatory" to prohibit the marriage of one man and two or more women. There is simply no other rational way to view it.Who benefits? Those who practice polygamy as part of their religion – Muslims.
And what about opposition to the gutting of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law? Where are the Muslim organizations on this one? Once again, they are AWOL. Peculiar, isn't it?
Not really. That's because, I believe, the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood tentacles in the U.S. recognize that, ultimately, the U.S. military is one of the last lines of defense of a nation in economic, political and cultural retreat. And they recognize that open homosexual activity within the military's ranks renders it less effective. In other words, it spells victory for the jihadists who ruled the world in the past and intend to rule it in the future. [WorldNetDaily Joseph Farah 8/21/11]
Joseph Farah- Founder of WorldNetDaily
Now why do I have Hitler in the picture wearing the gay flag? Because that also represents another dirty part of WND's loathing for gays. WND and Joseph Farah have put out a book called "The Pink Swastika" by a Holocaust revisionist historian. The book falsely claims homosexuals' role in the Holocaust were more as active brown shirts to Hitler than as the corpses in the ovens. If you thought the document I showed put out by the Family Research Council was bad, this book is so outlandish that I don't think even those who gullible fall for the Protocols of Zion Hoax would believe it. What kind of people are WND's readers to believe this stuff?

This claim itself is based on a slander that was used by 1930's Socialists to discredit the Nazi Party and it's another one of the many anti-gay myths .

If it took Glenn Beck connecting the Egypt Revolution to the AFL-CIO, Code Pink, the Tides Foundation's Drummond Pike, Frances Fox Piven, Marxist communists, Islamic socialists, ACORN co-founder Wade Rathke, the Muslim Brotherhood, food prices, and Bill Ayers for mainstream Conservatives to condemn and call out such lunacy, how far will WND have to go to be banned from the dying conservative movement like the John Birch Society was by someone like William F. Buckley? Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain should be asked if they still endorse WorldNetDaily.


  1. Maybe someone ought to tell WND that according to academics 50,000 to 100,000 american muslims practise polygamy, surprisingly so do 30,000 and 100,000 of non-muslim americans.

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