Hannity will Host Birther Billboard Man on his Show Again

The Birther Billboard man, boss of former presidential candidate Herman Cain, and founder of the birther website World Net Daily Joseph Farah will appear on Hannity's show again tonight at 9:00pm to discuss primary election results from Florida. Popcorn? This ought to make good copy for Fox News viewers and raw meat to critics of Fox.

UFO in Baltic Sea Hoax

Mars Face Left, Baltic Sea UFO Right

I already see the UFO in the Baltic Sea being a heart breaking hoax for alien lovers. This has disappointment written all over it.  Remember the face on mars? This what I'm predicting how its going to turn out when they find out what the UFO Millennium Falcon shaped object is at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. What's it going to turn up to be? My guess is that its a weird coral or rock formation. Or maybe a ship collapsed in a weird way.

Looks can be deceiving.


Brett Baier's Birther Trumpet Blows

Fox News' supposed "straight news" program is at it again. Two weeks ago, Bret Baier gave a dog whistle to the birthers. This time he blew their trumpet. Special Report with Bret Baier gave air time to a story on a birther lawsuit requesting President Obama be subpoenaed for a court hearing. Once again, Baier still didn't inform the 63% of his viewers that Obama WAS BORN in the United States. When you hear the way he reported it, it sounds like to the viewer that there still must be something to Obama's birth certificate still. Some viewers might think if the lawsuit its reported on cable news, it must not be a frivolous one. That's Fox News for ya.


Fox News Most Distrusted 2012 Poll Results

A new poll from Public Policy Polling, asked people whether they trust a long list of news outlets:

Outlet 2012 Trust/Distrust 2011 Trust/Distrust 2010 Trust/Distrust
PBS (52/30) +22 (50/30) +20 Not Tested
NBC News (44/38) +6 (41/41) 0 (35/44) -9
CNN (43/39) +4 (40/43) -3 (39/41) -2
Fox News (45/42) +3 (42/46) -4 (49/37) +12
CBS News (40/42) -2 (36/43) -7 (32/46) -14
ABC News (37/40) -3 (35/43) -8 (31/46) -15
MSNBC (38/43) -5 Not Tested Not Tested

2010-2012 Which news outlet has gained the most distrust since 2010? Only Fox News.
  • Fox News +5
  • CNN -3
  • CBS News -3
  • ABC News -6
  • NBC News Trust -6
Which News Outlet has Gained the Most Trust? Fox News is the only network that has lost trust.
  • NBC News +9
  • CBS News +8
  • ABC News +6
  • CNN +4
  • Fox News -4
-Democrats trust everything - except Fox News. NBC does the best with them at +50 (67/17), followed by PBS and CNN at +49 (66/17 and 65/16 respectively), ABC at +38 (57/19), CBS at +35 (58/23), MSNBC at +33 (56/23), and even Comedy Central at +4 (36/32). Fox News comes in at -36 (25/61).
-Republicans meanwhile don't trust anything except Fox News. PBS comes the closest to breaking even among non-Fox outlets, although not very close, at -30 (26/56). It's followed by CNN at -49 (18/67), MSNBC at -51 (18/69), NBC at -52 (17/69), CBS at -54 (17/71), ABC at -56 (14/70), and Comedy Central at -59 (12/71). But Fox News comes in at a stellar 73/17.
This polarization among Republicans and only Republicans comes from hatred of the media being core component of their ideology. This becomes reinforced in their enclosed echo chamber through repetition. Americans themselves are not polarized when it comes to the media and there is no equal argument to be made with when it comes to Democrats and the left. Again look at the numbers.


Analysis of Republican 2012 Race Now that Huntsman Dropped Out

I did a previous post about a pattern we've seen with the Republican 2012 Presidential field.
The Republican electorate gives a candidate more support than ever, then a month latter that support goes down hill and collapses at a sharp extraordinary rate.

This new Real Clear Politics (RCP) graph (above) gives us more insight into what we can predict. First, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are at their highest RCP averages as of now. Now that Jon Huntsman has dropped out, that 4% of support he managed to get will be distributed mostly to Romney because of Huntsman's endorsement of him and Ron Paul because of the anti-establishment vote despite Huntsman's endorsement of Romney. In my previous post, Romney, Paul, and Santorum had hit his highest RCP average, especially Santorum. Now, Romney and Paul's RCP average are again at a new high. Santorum however has not continued to rise unlike Romney and Paul. Now he is starting to fall. I correctly predicted he would be first among these three to loose the rising momentum and collapse. I think now Santorum has officially reached his peak and point of collapse. He will fall down slightly higher than the numbers Rick Perry is at right now mainly because he's smarter than Perry which isn't saying much.

As for the current frontrunner Mitt Romney, he's getting close to Newt Gingrich's peak at which he collapsed. Gingrich had reached the highest RCP average peak of support. Romney is not like the candidates. Since Romney is the most well funded candidate, he probably wouldn't collapse as fast as the other candidates if he reaches his peak and point of collapse. Let's see how far his rising momentum will go.


Conservatives Don't Care About Accuracy

If your watched the Republican Debate last night, you may have heard Rick Santorum use a George Soros boogeyman attack against Ron Paul. Santorum complained about Ron Paul using a Sores-funded group in an attack ad to target Republican rival Rick Santorum.


Peaks and Collapses in the 2012 Republican Presidential Election

Notice how the 2012 Republican primary is going where the electorate gives a candidate more support than ever, then a month latter that support goes down hill and collapses.
As you can see this Real Clear Politics (RCP) graph (above), most of the Republicans candidates have reached their highest peak in the polls and then sharply gone down hill. It's happened with Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich. Rick Perry is practically bordering on the threshold at which Michelle Bachmann dropped out. He indicated he is staying in the race though. Mitt Romney has just recently his hit his highest RCP average in the polls thus far. Although it's unclear whether he's reached his peak and point of collapse. All eyes are on Rick Santorum now since he won second in the Iowa Caucuses. Santorum has surged to second in the polls. In the graph, his surge has sharply intersected with what could be considered Newt Gingrich's collapse. The surge is even steeper than Herman Cain's. Therefore, I predict he will collapse just as fast as Cain did. All that has to happen is a Google Search, learn why he earned the new definition of his name, and for his other radical theocratic beliefs to be known.

Putting yourself in the spotlight is needed to winning a campaign and then again it could be the key to loosing. That's what has happened in the current Republican presidential election. As more of the electorate looked into the current front runner or fast rising star, the more baggage they find about the candidate. This causes the voter to have a more and more unfavorable view about the candidate which eventually makes up their mind about who they won't vote for. Ron Paul still keeps rising slowly but gradually. He is also at his highest RCP average in the polls thus far. For this Republican primary, I think it was a advantage to stay out of the top three frontrunners spotlight early to in the middle of the campaign. This gives Paul, Santorum, and even Jon Huntsman advantage late in the campaign. As of now I suspect it's only matter of time and I suspect not much time before either Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul will collapse in the polls. One of the three will fall like the rest. Again I'm predicting Santorum will be the first of these three to go.


Brett Baier's Birther Dog Whistle

Yesterday on Fox News' supposed "straight news" program Special Report with Brett Baier, Baier gave a story about birthers still trying to prove Obama was not born in the United States.

First, he gave a preview:

And then the story:

BAIER: And now, some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine. A state judge in Georgia has denied a motion by the Obama administration to dismiss a complaint challenging the president's eligibility to be on the ballot there. Attorney Orly Taitz filed the complaint back in November on behalf of a Georgia resident, contending President Obama is not a natural-born citizen and therefore should not be on the March presidential primary in Georgia.
You will remember last year, the White House released the president's long-form birth certificate. However, Taitz, along with many others in the so-called birther movement, is still not satisfied. Some in that movement call it a fake. Others say the real issue is that he's not a natural-born citizen. A hearing has now been set for January 26. The president's lawyer in Atlanta says he's optimistic the judge will decide in the president's favor.
Hey Brett, aren't you missing something? Obama WAS BORN HERE. It's a wonder on whether he didn't say it because it's already obvious where Obama was born or he's pandering to the 63% of his audience which don't believe he was born here or don't know.

Shepard Smith is fighting this War on Misinformation solo at Fox News unfortunately.

SMITH: Well, he has produced a birth certificate. It shows his mother gave birth to him in Hawaii. It is stamped and sealed by the state of Hawaii. It is confirmed, and Fox News can confirm the president of the United States is a citizen of the United States, period.
And that was two days before the White House actually released the long-form birth certificate.