Conservatives Don't Care About Accuracy

If your watched the Republican Debate last night, you may have heard Rick Santorum use a George Soros boogeyman attack against Ron Paul. Santorum complained about Ron Paul using a Sores-funded group in an attack ad to target Republican rival Rick Santorum.
This Soros organization alluded to by Santorum is the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). Santorum's problem with it: Ron Paul used it as a source regarding Santorum's corruption record.
Santorum: forget the facts, George Soros!!! George Soros!!! George Soros!!! George Soros!!!

This complaint about Ron Paul was also made a weak ago by another right winger. Accuracy in Media's Cliff Kincaid wrote a column, with similar complaints and calling Paul's research "Soros-funded research". Despite Kincaid's organization supposedly being about accuracy, Kincaid did not make his criticism about that let alone address the charges made against Santorum. Instead, Kincaid mindlessly repeated criticism of CREW that right wingers repeat through their echo chamber.
You can read CREW's allegations  for yourself. CREW just recently pointed out that Santorum still  has not responded to the substance of these charges even after the Ron Paul ad.

Also read my previous post on Accuracy in Media's problem with accuracy AND living on planet Earth. And its not just AIM that focuses on bias rather than accuracy in the media.

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