What Trump Skipping Fox News GOP Debate Means

Its been officially announced that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump will not participate in Thursday night's Fox News debate. That could mean a number of things. However, I think this leans toward one possible conclusion of an overarching question.

And that is...


National Review's Pointless Anti Donald Trump Issue

Photo Credit DonkeyHotey
The conservative National Review's recent manifesto against 2016 GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump was completely pointless and will be ineffective. The article featured 22 prominent conservative writers almost half of which I personally never even heard of. There are two blatant reasons why this article is useless for stopping Trump.


Alex Jones Flip Flops and Loves Sarah Palin Now

The Conspiracy King and radio host Alex Jones appears to have flip flopped about his views on Sarah Palin. I just realized this now, but he did this going back to at least January 2015. I think even going back to early 2013 because his website has used her as an authoritative source many times since that year when pushing conspiracy theories .

Ted Cruz Pledges to Send American Prisoners Back to Iran if Elected President

2016 Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz has voiced his opposition to the recent prisoner swap of American prisoners in Iran. The Republican Texas Senator told The American Intel Report (AIR) while campaigning in here in Lakeland Florida: