What Trump Skipping Fox News GOP Debate Means

Its been officially announced that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump will not participate in Thursday night's Fox News debate. That could mean a number of things. However, I think this leans toward one possible conclusion of an overarching question.

And that is...
that he's not a Democrat plant by Hilary Clinton.

Its an odd thing to allege in the first place but the idea has been everything from just a joke to a serious accusation. Some say if Trump didn't exist in the primary, he would have to be created by the Democratic Party. I say that fact that he's skipping this debate would support the idea that he's not a plant to make the Republican Party look bad. If the idea of having Trump running in the primary is to hurt the GOP he should be participating in every debate. Not only that, this doesn't make him look like tough guy he's portrayed himself as. He refuses to be in this debate because Megyn Kelly is one of the moderators. “If Donald is afraid to defend his record, it speaks volumes,” Ted Cruz said. No doubt about that. Trump didn't get along with Kelly at all in the last debate. This doesn't seem like someone trying to put them self out there or trying to win. I personally am not convinced one way or another of this conspiracy theory. Yes, it is a conspiracy theory. But there a lot of serious arguments one way or another to make with this. In my next post I will list the serious arguments that make the case on both sides on whether Trump is a Democratic plant to destroy the GOP.

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