Alex Jones Flip Flops and Loves Sarah Palin Now

The Conspiracy King and radio host Alex Jones appears to have flip flopped about his views on Sarah Palin. I just realized this now, but he did this going back to at least January 2015. I think even going back to early 2013 because his website has used her as an authoritative source many times since that year when pushing conspiracy theories .

They've cited her on subjects such as that government is stockpiling ammunition and bullets for civil unrest, debt slavery, death panels (Sarah Palin's health care trademark), and just about anything else.

Jones has gone from calling her a fraud to now the real deal. I found this video compilation showing statements he's made about the former Alaskan Governor. Now he's dreaming of a Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Donald Trump ticket. He especially wants Donald Trump.

This video was posted in February 2015.

Here is the full rant from 2010 on his own YouTube Channel:

Here's another one of his videos from his channel saying "Don't say you haven't been warned about Sarah Palin" and that she'll "rape you even more than George W. Bush did". To be fair to Sarah Palin, I don't think she's mentally competent enough to participate in any grand cabal conspiracy. So she's not guilty on that one.

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