National Review's Pointless Anti Donald Trump Issue

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The conservative National Review's recent manifesto against 2016 GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump was completely pointless and will be ineffective. The article featured 22 prominent conservative writers almost half of which I personally never even heard of. There are two blatant reasons why this article is useless for stopping Trump.

First off, why is Glenn Beck on that list? Not only that, he's the first name on the list. Didn't he almost ruin the conservative movement? Not just him, but also prominent wingnuts such as Katie Pavlich, and Dana Losch (I linked to this blog to show her Tweets).  This is the primary election. So its meant solely for the GOP base. You could argue that featuring these individuals is a way of telling the crazier wingnuts to cool it. That's unlikely to work. Why? Because they aren't reading publications like this. This 38% (as of this writing) or less of the GOP who are going to stick with Trump are getting their information and news elsewhere. They're reading very narrow sources according to Alexa web traffic, populated with other folks who share their views. Its an echo chamber bubble that you can't break through. And if Glenn Beck isn't enough for them, they'll go to Alex Jones.

Second, why only 22 conservatives? Why not more familiar conservatives? Why not 100 from around the country?  I know each one in this article gave their comments and it would be pretty long if it featured comments from each one of them. But, they could've had a joint statement following the signatures and names on it. Also they could have featured George Will, a prominent critic of Donald Trump. This issue against Trump won't be enough. Something else will have to happen collectively against Trump.

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