UFO in Baltic Sea Hoax

Mars Face Left, Baltic Sea UFO Right

I already see the UFO in the Baltic Sea being a heart breaking hoax for alien lovers. This has disappointment written all over it.  Remember the face on mars? This what I'm predicting how its going to turn out when they find out what the UFO Millennium Falcon shaped object is at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. What's it going to turn up to be? My guess is that its a weird coral or rock formation. Or maybe a ship collapsed in a weird way.

Looks can be deceiving.


  1. Do some research of Richard Hoagland...youtube the face on Mars is real...PROVEN (claimed it was one shot, proven many other shots were hidden from the public with face on Mars..also with the same guy research the moon, full of glass structures...PROVEN!! also with the same credible guy youtube Phobos the moon of Mars which many scientists believe to be a spaceship millions of yrs old...you are doing a real disservice when you toss out general statements with little to know research all based on opinion shaped by society...

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