Hannity Hosts Birther Billboard Man Joseph Farah to Discuus Herman Cain

Sean Hannity actually gave air time to Herman Cain's boss WorldNetDaily (WND) founder Joseph Farah on his Fox News show.  They discussed whether the allegations against GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain are valid "from a journalistic perspective. Hannity should already know that WorldNetDaily is the "news" website responsible for propagating birtherism and all the "Where's the Birth Certificate?" billboards. These billboards are part of a campaign  by WND to keep the issue alive.

According to WorldNetDaily there are more than 90 billboards nationwide. They even took to the air during the Republican presidential debate

I wrote about a piece Joseph Farah did in which he drew a conspiracy involving gays, Muslim, and marriage. It's almost to funny to believe he said it.

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