What I Saw at a Florida Tea Party in Lakeland

These are pictures I took a couple months ago at a Tea Party group called "Lakeland 912" in Lakeland Florida where I live. The website is not available right now but I have a capture from the Internet Archive. I'll talk more about this group in later posts. It wasn't like a rally with signs. Instead it was Tea Party members meeting at a building. Their cars were parked outside and had colorful bumper stickers. I can't provide an accurate demographic of the kinds of stickers I saw, just the kinds. The kinds I saw were of course conservative leaning. You can say the bumper stickers say a lot about the person driving the car. While I was taking the pictures I ran into the first Libertarian Senate candidate for Florida Alexander Snitker. I told him was taking the pictures for my dad (he's a right winger) who couldn't attend. I told him I was on the left but was a supporter of Ron Paul. He told he was their to warm up these people with the real liberty message. I said it must be hard to win over the social conservatives. He said since there is an agreement about the economy it's easier to be listened to about the social issues. I told him it was good what he was doing. I even got a picture with him (last picture) and he gave me his card about his radio show "Liberty Underground"

Snitker was a nice guy. Here are the pictures.

Close up in the next pictures

(Top Left) Somewhere in Kenya a Village is missing their Idiot- a birther message.

 Constitution Party- The party sounds nice but the party has a Christian Reconstruction Platform

Herman Cain and Allen West Supporter
Oath Keepers- A conspiracy theories driven group

 Get US Out!!! of the United Nations- That particular bumper sticker is by the John Birch Society

 A little flavor of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

 My governor Rick Scott rejected a federal money for a high speed rail in Florida, so the others states got the money

A Social Conservative and there's the Oath Keepers again

 A Republican

Federal income taxes are at their lowest levels in 50 years btw

 The website and radio station recommends and links to anti-Muslim bigot Pamella Geller and other far right sites.

Me (on the right) with first Libertarian Senate candidate for Florida Alexander Snitker (on the left)