Rules of Engagement for 2012 Presidential Election

This will my second and probably my last time voting in the Presidential Election as a Republican. I've been a Republican for three years since I voted foolishly for John McCain in 2008. That was before I actually cared about and understood politics. I'll post in the future why I left the Republican Party. Here's a brief preview and reason: "The Republican Party and it's electorate have have lost their mind". My full "letter of resignation" will be detailed and lengthy.

Still being a Republican, I figured I might as well vote one last time in the 2012 Presidential Election. As many of you know Republican voters say they are not happy with the current GOP field. My personal favorites are Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Both guys I disagree with on some issues particularly some economic issues. Gary Johnson is my first choice, but since he's not recognized enough I'm going with Ron Paul. If Paul doesn't win the primary or drops out latter I might go with Huntsman or not vote at all in the GOP primary. I'd be going with Huntsman just to give the GOP some credibility but not support him in the general election.

When it comes to the general election if any of these candidates get the GOP nomination, I'm pulling it for Obama and I'm switching to the Democratic Party. If this is what the Republican electorate is made up of now: Newts, Bachmanns, and Romneys/ Bigots, Christian Fundamentalists, and useful idiots pandering to corporate candidates, I can't be a Republican anymore.

Jon Huntsman
Michele Bachmann
Herman Cain
Newt Gingrich
Tim Pawlenty
Mitt Romney
Rick Santorum

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