Media Research Center: Forget Facts on Welfare Recipients and Drugs Use

The mindset of the Media Research Center (MRC) and its affiliate CNS News seem to be that it's better to believe something and never look at facts than it is to actually know the facts. They demonstrated that again by posting a Youtube video titled "Dem Lawmaker Questions Drug Tests For Unemployment". In the video, Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) questioned if the lawmakers who created the drug testing provision of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011, read the Constitution. The point the video tries to make is that the congresswomen supposedly said something outrageous. Outrageous as in what? Was something she said factually incorrect or out of touch? Only in the MRC and CNS wing of the conservative movement would you think such criticism of the program is just a bunch of liberal hocus pocus and gibberish. I wonder if they missed  Fox News' Megyn Kelly already debunked the right wing claim.


This is the hallmark of the crack pot way of conservative thinking. When you are a self described fiscal conservative, what does that mean? Do you use evidence based economics or what a lot on the right wing call "common sense"? When I say "common sense" I don't mean that if most scientists say the earth revolves around the sun, that's probably the science. The kind of common sense I'm referring to is put out by someone who would say "I'm not a scientist, but I see the sun around revolve around the Earth everyday." In the case of the MRC and CNS News, that's how they think on every issue. They act as if its a religious duty to  propagate (not prove) why their version of conservatism works.The propagate instead of prove because as I pointed out in a previous post, MRC is about bias and not accuracy. That is their fundamental difference between their progressive counterpart Media Matters for America. Demagoguery is one of their core principles. They demagog anyone they think is in on the "liberal media" conspiracy and attack anyone who goes after their fellow conservatives. Even if it's simply factually correcting a right wing claim they scream LIBERAL MEDIA! If your not with their team all the way, your against them

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