Why Michael Savage is Still Banned In Britain

I've never looked into what specific reason or reasons far right radio talk show host Michael Savage was banned in the UK. While reading MMFA, I found the possible hateful statements and comments that might have got him in this situation. I'm not afraid to say that I myself signed the petition for the UK to lift the ban on Savage. The reason being I think being banned by a state based on speech is wrong. Don't get me wrong, I think Savage is the most hateful shock jock among the right wing talk show hosts in America. I would still encourage every advertiser to drop him. But here are the comments that might get you banned because the UK is the UK. 
From: mediamatters.org
Michael Savage has a bone to pick with Media Matters. Since being banned from the United Kingdom in 2009, Savage has grasped at various straws looking to lay the blame on someone other than himself. Among this list of finger-pointees, which includes Hillary Clinton and former President George W. Bush, sits Media Matters. He's even published a book on the subject of who to blame for this injustice.
Tuesday, Savage received a letter from his lawyer sharing with him that the UK would not be lifting its ban on the host, reportedly "unless he repudiated the statements made on his broadcasts that were deemed a threat to public security." Sure enough, on that evening's broadcast of The Savage Nation, Savage did no such thing and continued to blame Media Matters for the ban, stating that we took him out of context and sent edited clips of his program to the British government. FULL ARTICLE

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