General Petraeus is Like a Birther?

At least according to Neocon and Fox News guest Marc Thiessen.
Despite evidence to the contrary the propaganda outlet and it's guests are saying over and over that torture is what led to Bin Laden. Just like them saying Bush deserves credit for killing Bin Laden. In fact he deserves none.
Marc Thiessen. appeared on Fox & Friends Sunday calling critics of enhanced interrogations "the new birthers"

One general included in that class of people Thiseen portrays as is General David Petraeus. Thiseen does acknowledge that Petraeus is against torture and supports closing GITMO. Now that Petreaus will head the CIA Thiseen critiqes the nomination nonsensically.

"Thanks to Obama the CIA is out of the interrogation business, so there is no immediate impact on U.S. interrogation policy (or lack thereof). But that is also the problem. Appointing a CIA director with such restrictive views on interrogation does not bode well for the chances of much-needed improvements in our detention and interrogation policy."- Marc Thiessen.

As Daily Kos points out

When Thiessen says that the Obama administration has no “interrogation policy” what he means is that it doesn’t torture people. For him, the two are basically synonymous.

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