Fox News is NOT the Most Trusted News Source

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In a new poll from Boston's Suffolk University, more than a quarter of the nation says Fox is tops when it comes to who they trust the most and O'Reilly is the most believable.
"This poll shows two things: first, the network news have completely lost their brand. Second, the only network with any intensity is Fox News," says Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center. "Bottom line: the more they attack Fox, the stronger it is getting," he adds.
But at the liberal Media Matters, Executive Vice President Ari Rabin-Havt says the public's trust in Fox is disturbing. A regular Fox critic, he says the poll reveals that "Fox News viewers trust the information that Fox gives them." FULL ARTICLE

Poll showed these results for the most trusted news sources
  • Fox News- 28%
  • CNN- 18%
  • NBC- 10%
  • MSNBC- 7%
  • CBS- 6%
  • ABC- 6%
  • Other 43%
What positive does this give Fox News? Absolutly nothing. Fox wins by plurality beacause it's the only far right network it's viewers can go to get what they want to hear. In Jan 2011Public Policy Polling released a poll asking respondents if they trust or distrust a network. Fox came in first for most distrusted. Shep Smith might be what's giving Fox an ounce of credibility.

2010 Numbers
Shift from 2010
Not Included
Not Applicable
35/44 (-9)
39/41 (-2)
Fox News
49/37 (+12)
32/46 (-14)
31/46 (-15)

When poll takers were offered 28 different TV news personalities by Suffolk to decide from on the trust question here were the results of the Top 10. Again plurality doesn't mean anything, it just means you have a significant minority of a devoted following. My favorite news host Anderson Cooper comes in second.
  • O'Reilly- 9%
  • CNN's Anderson Cooper - 6%
  • Mike Huckabee-  4%,
  • Sean Hannity- 4%
  • Wolf Blitzer- 3%
  • Chris Matthews- 3%,
  • NBC newsman Tom Brokaw- 3%
  • CBS anchor Katie Couric- 3%
  • ABC's Diane Sawyer- 3%
I'm not sure what the Media Research Center means by "the more they attack Fox, the stronger they get". I'd like the MRC to stop being cowards and debate Media Matters For America about the credibility of Fox.

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