Jon Stewart Slams Fox News Stupidity Over Norway Christian Terrorist

Frances Martel
July 27th, 2011

The labeling of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik as a Christian has brought out the victim side of many conservatives in the news. Jon Stewart took notice of the maimed pundits on Fox News tonight, pouring through their complaints and siding with some of their grievances, before compiling and extensive montage of insults culled from the network’s most popular shows.
“The massacre in Norway is a tragic story about the persecution of Christians,” he teased after a clip of Laura Ingraham arguing that labeling Breivik a Christian was disrespectful to the religion. Those that highlight his “crusader mentality,” Stewart advised her, “are not doing it to get at you.” Instead, he argued, they are doing it because of “the shooter’s 1500-page, crucifix-drenched manifesto.”
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