My "Jon Stewart Slams Media Coverage of Ron Paul" Video Was Featured on the Washington Post

Today I was checking to see how my videos were doing on my YouTube channel. I noticed on my video titled: "Jon Stewart Slams Media Coverage of Ron Paul" had something at the bottom right corner that said:

From the Washington Post :
A note to media observers: All coverage of presidential candidate Ron Paul is bona fide coverage. Even the meta-media stuff.
A little background here: Paul scored huge in the Ames straw poll this month, a result out of whack with pre-Ames coverage that all too often ignored the longtime Texas congressman. Thus began an extended round of media-on-media stories about Paul and his lack of exposure.
Jon Stewart did a piece on it, as did Piers Morgan, as did the Washington Post ombudsman, as did Fox News. And many others, to boot. [Washington Post 8/30/11]
The link "Jon Stewart" links directly to my video of me commentating about Jon Stewart slamming the media for ignoring Ron Paul when he's doing very well in the polls and in the debates.

Here it is if you haven't seen it.

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