Megyn Kelly May Get Fired for Supporting Transgender Americans

This is the second time in less than a week I've seen Fox News Host Megyn Kelly break away from the Fox Narrative. This time it isn't doing actual journalism, now it's her supporting the rights of transgenders

While discussing the controversy of Chaz Bono: a transgender participating in Dancing With the Stars, Megyn Kelly showed distaste for his attackers.

KELLY: The transgendered, they go through so much pain and emotional turmoil in dealing with the effects of that disorder or whatever you want to call it and I don’t think they need people piling on and mocking them once they do something that many people consider very brave. But that’s me, that’s my two cents.

This is strange giving the Fox News and it's president's deep seated expressed hatred against the LBGT community.

I don't know what kind of contract Shepard Smith has had that's kept him on the air for so long. But Kelly may be following behind if she keeps this up.
Now I take my hat off and also this time give her a standing ovation.

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