Update on Tax Exempt Complaint Against Media Matters

There have been new developments since the phony tax-exemption complaint against Media Matters For America. For those who haven't heard, the Fox News Channel has ran several pieces and stories claiming Media Matters is in violation of it's 501(c) 3 tax-exemption status. Taxpayers' Subsidizing Media Matters' War on Fox News and even one on Special Report With Brett Baier. Fox Nation has launched a campaign for it's readers and viewers to file a complaint with the IRS. It will be interesting what the IRS will say after their inbox gets filled with the same complaint.

I posted a video explaining why this is a non story. To summarize it, I explained how Media Matters' criticism of  the misinformation on Fox News is no different than the Media Research Center trying to expose and combat Liberal media bias. The MRC also has a tax exemption under 501(c) 3. I've chatted in some forums with people who really believe this is a real story and really think MM is a different case than the MRC.
The excuse is not only pathetic, it's intellectually hilarious.

  • Right Winger: MM is advocating dropping Fox's advertisers/ The War on Fox.
    • MRC finds nothing wrong with that. At least that's what they said 11 years ago.
      • L. Brent Bozell III--chairman of the watchdog Media Research Center, which regularly monitors and chides Hollywood for its sexual content and assaults on family values and morality--doesn't approve of the cause, but conceded: "I don't fault them for their tactics. It's perfectly acceptable for an organization to lobby to cancel a program they think is inappropriate. I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all."- Los Angeles Times 3/20/00 
    •  MRC has had it's own campaigns to fire media figures and drop advertisers. 

Now that you know more about this non news story....

 Isn't this further verification and evidence that the "stories" on Fox "News" according to a Fox News insider are "Just Made Up"?

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