Bill O'Reilly FAILS Attacking Media Matters Gas Prices Video

Yesterday, Bill O'Reilly on his show claimed the media watch dog Media Matters for America posted and edited a video saying he (O'Reilly) didn't criticize Bush during the Bush administration for record high gas prices. He's referring to the video Media Matters posted called "FLASHBACK: Fox News On Gas Prices In 2008" regarding Fox News defending President Bush and saying there was nothing he could to control the gas prices.

From his Talking Points Memo:
Now, for years "Talking Points" has been telling you that Media Matters, heavily funded by people like George Soros, has been corrupting the editorial process in America. And tonight we will give you one more vivid example. As you may know, I have been very critical of the oil companies jacking up gas prices when there's plenty of supply available in the U.S.A. Also, I've criticized President Obama for doing nothing about it when he could call the oil chieftains into the White House and get behind legislation to limit oil speculation. Enter Media Matters who calls me a hypocrite because they say I didn't hammer President Bush when gas prices rose during his tenure.

O'Reilly has several problems with his criticism of the Media Matters video. Media Matters in their article and in the video didn't even say O'Reilly didn't criticize Bush or call him a hypocrite. In fact reading the article and actually watching the video shows no such thing.

Media Matters points out what Fox News was saying about gas prices in 2008. Compare it to now.

From the Media Matters website:
Following GOP strategy, Fox News is again blaming the Obama administration for rising gasoline prices -- a claim that has been repeatedly debunked by energy analysts. But back in the summer of 2008, when the average U.S. gasoline price hit a record high of $4.11, Fox said that "no President has the power to increase or to lower gas prices."   In 2008, Fox's coverage occasionally even mirrored the facts: expanding domestic oil drilling will not significantly lower prices, and the only way to reduce our vulnerability to gas price spikes is to use less oil.
This is the only part of the video O'Reilly aired on his show:
O'REILLY: So the next time you hear a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices, understand its complete BS. If Americans want lower gas prices? Cut back.
If your only watching Fox News, you would never have known what the video was actually about seeing only 10 seconds of the 5:26 video that was all O'Reilly aired. O'Reilly could have actually said the title of the video. That would tell you more about video than the 10 seconds O'Reilly aired. The video showed Fox News' tone when it came the president and gas prices in 2008 which included O'Reilly. To his credit, Bill has stayed consistent when it comes to politician promises and gas prices. I think he's the only one on Fox News that hasn't changed his tone as of now. That doesn't excuse his blatant dishonesty on Media Matters.

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