Ted Cruz Pledges to Send American Prisoners Back to Iran if Elected President

2016 Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz has voiced his opposition to the recent prisoner swap of American prisoners in Iran. The Republican Texas Senator told The American Intel Report (AIR) while campaigning in here in Lakeland Florida:
"I promise to repeal every condition of this terrible prisoner swap. I will send the American prisoners back to Iran and rescue them the proper way with American strength."
When asked by AIR what specifically he would do, Cruz said he would use "precision carpet bombing". Carpet bombing itself has been the focus of Cruz in explaining his military strategy against the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization. Cruz has also expressed opposition to President Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal.

Another presidential hopeful, fellow Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio expressed similar discontent citing President Ronald Reagan.
"A real commander and chief does not just swap prisoners with terrorists when it comes to hostages or prisoners. He puts trading weapons on the table," Rubio said to the Associated Press citing Iran Contra.
Donald Trump concurred with Ted Cruz's position expressing something similar on Twitter.
"I will build a wall on the East Coast before they get here. I'll come up with a better deal to get them home if elected president."
The White House and President Obama could not be reached for a response to the statements.

This is my first satire news article I've made. I wrote it with links and references to the statements and mannerisms of some politicians.

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